Celebrities with Biggest Penises

Celebrities with Biggest Penises

Celebrities with Biggest Penises

Read all about male celebrities with large penises. Which of the Hollywood stars have particularly large penises and what other signatures are said about them?

Actors, musicians, and athletes are adored across the world for the prowess they display in their fields of choice. It just so happens that prowess often comes with incredible skills in the bedroom as well. Word of mouth has revealed which male celebrities are hung like horses. And exactly who’s allegedly packing the biggest sausages out there just might surprise you.

Jon Hamm

The famous star won the hearts of women around the world with his professional, dominant roles. It isn’t a surprise that Hamm’s packing some serious harm. Former girlfriends have claimed he’s packing at least 8 inches. There are even rumors his size is at least 2 inches larger than that. You don’t need to take their word for it either. It’s pretty easy to notice by simply looking at the bulge in his pants.

Ronald Reagan

Our former president was once a beloved Hollywood lead. His roles included such titles as Bedtime Bonzo and Kings Row. The Commander in Chief was also apparently packing a staff as well. Nancy Reagan and other women have all commented on the enormous girth he purportedly had. His hands might give a hint to his actual size. Men with large hands tend to be large overall, and it probably applies to just about everybody part this 6ft 2in tall man had.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is a funny guy and comedy always strikes well with the ladies. He might just be packing something else that goes with the ladies too. Author Gary Griffin has claimed in his book Penis Size And Enlargement that Eddie Murphy has a penis in the 8-9 inch range giving him one of the biggest in Hollywood. We know he’s managed to catch the eye of some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood such as Mel B and Paige Butcher. There’s got to be some reason those women put up with the outlandish laughs.

Big Sean

The rapper has made himself a smashing success with his creative lyrics and smooth flow, but the way he got his nickname is what really stands out about him. The 5ft 8in tall rapper got his reputation for the amazing size of his penis. His girlfriends eventually let the world know that Big Sean was big where it counted. His success with the likes of Ariana Grande and Jhene Aiko live as further proof of this man’s enormous ego.


David Beckham

The soccer god is certainly one of the most famous to bend the knee, but his wife, Victoria Beckham, claims he’s packing something of much bigger import. Apparently, Beckham has one of the largest penises in soccer. His wife claims his penis is bigger than the exhaust pipe of a tractor. With the word of someone with first-hand experience, we’re pretty confident David Beckham doesn’t need any pills to get things working.

Tom Jones

Tom Jones was quite the ladies’ man in his day. His way with women had a tendency to anger his wife and led to far too many fights to count. A particularly interesting encounter with Cassandra Peterson, the actress known as Elvira, has confirmed Jones’ endowment. Elvira claims she lost her virginity to Tom Jones during her go-go dancer days. Jones was such a big man he left her in need of stitches. Clearly, this man has no issues with erectile dysfunction.

Charlie Chaplin

The master of Silent Era comedy is well known for his funny antics, but his prowess in the bedroom wasn’t anything to laugh at. His penis is the stuff of legends with countless stories from his fans talking about the way he wowed them in the bedroom.

When you take off that toothbrush mustache and look at the guy behind it, it’s easy to believe this guy was a slayer.

Pierce Brosnan

Known for his portrayal of the seductive secret agent James Bond, it’s no surprise that Pierce Brosnan would have a reputation with the women. There are men who have an easy time finding a date, and then there are what we know as a prime male specimen. With women still chasing him and no rumors of premature ejaculation or other dick issues, Brosnan is a great example of that.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is well known for his portrayal of stoic gunslingers. Everyone knows women love the strong, silent type, but the stories about him take it to an entirely different level. The rugged actor has countless female fans to testify about his sexual prowess. All stories about him seem to suggest he has the largest penis among men in Hollywood. Ordinary men can hope to have a sliver of the masculinity Eastwood embodies.

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is one of the manliest stars around today. Even in his 60s, he manages to amaze with the way he plays rugged, strong characters without breaking a sweat.

If the words of his former wife, Natasha Richardson are anything to take to heart, Neeson takes top prize among celebrities with big dicks. His wife claims his dick was so big it could easily block the sun. We’ll take her word for it.

Jack Nicholson

As a man who has bedded countless women, Nicholson almost certainly has one of the biggest dicks you’ll see in Hollywood. He has had sex with more than 3000 women over the course of his life. That success with women doesn’t happen for no reason at all. It takes a serious reputation with the opposite sex to have so many women chasing after you. Only a sledgehammer in the pants can take you that far.

These guys have something to be proud of!

Celebrity Size
Jon Hamm 7 in
Ronald Reagan 7.5 in
Eddie Murphy 8 in
Big Sean 8.5 in
David Beckham 9 in
Tom Jones 9.5 in
Charlie Chaplin 10 in
Pierce Brosnan 10.5 in
Clint Eastwood 11 in
Liam Neeson 11.5 in
Jack Nicholson 12 in
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All About Modalert Work, Dosages and Side Effects

Do you remember the movie “Limitless”? In the film, the hero uses a drug that makes him super-intelligent – but suffers severe consequences as a result. What if there was a drug that could do that in real life, but without the repercussions? It seems that Modalert could be that drug.

Sometimes, drugs become more popular for their off-label uses than for the condition they were initially intended to treat. Modalert was initially introduced as a medication for people with conditions that made it difficult to stay awake. But somewhere along the line, people discovered that Modalert keeps them so wide awake that they’re able to think more clearly, think faster, and concentrate for longer.

Nowadays, more people use Modalert as a mental performance enhancing drug than to combat narcolepsy or night shift disorder, and there have been press reports on high-flyers who say that using it is a common practice among fund managers, software developers, and top business people. But what is Modalert really? Is it safe to use, and what’s the worst that can happen if you do?

Modalert: What Is It?

Modalert is a commercial name for the drug Modafinil, and although it has only recently been getting a lot of attention as a nootropic (mental performance enhancing) drug, it has been around since the seventies.

It was developed for people who suffer from narcolepsy, a condition in which people experience extreme daytime sleepiness. Night-shift workers also struggle with their sleeping and waking cycles, and Modalert is prescribed to help them remain alert when working. Some drug companies sell Modafinil under the name “Provigil.”

Principles of Action

Instead of working directly on the brain, Modafinil promotes alterations in the brain’s chemistry. Dopamine, Histamine, Norepinephrine, Serotonin, and Glutamate levels are all elevated. These neurotransmitter molecules are responsible for the alert state of mind that people using Modalert experience. Dopamine is also involved in feelings of reward and well-being, and many people who use Modalert say they feel more positive about the tasks they undertake when using the drug.

Lastly, GABA, a substance that makes us feel sleepy, is reduced. It is believed that these effects are brought about because Modafinil changes orexin levels. Orexin works on the hypothalamus and is believed to play an important role in our sleeping and waking cycle. The hypothalamus has neurons that are activated by orexin, and when this happens, the “stay awake” neurotransmitters are secreted.

However, animal studies have shown that Modalert still works when the orexin receptors are disabled, so this is only one of the mechanisms that make Modalert work. There is still an element of mystery surrounding the drug, and its full mechanism of action is not fully understood.

Are the Performance Enhancing Properties of Modalert Real?

One thing is certain: Modafinil works and mainstream science publications have confirmed that it really does boost cognitive performance, raising ethical questions about performance-enhancing drugs outside of the sporting world.

Scientific American has gone so far as to say that Modalert is a “Safe drug to boost brainpower”. The article cites a study in which various research studies were compared. It concluded that people using Modalert were more accurate when performing tasks that required thought. Other studies point to a better ability to retain information and plan complex tasks. Decision-making was also found to be enhanced.

Those of us who are of average to below average intelligence will see the greatest benefits, but even high-performing individuals say they are smarter when using Modalert. However, this could be a placebo effect. One study found that Modafinil boosted the IQs of students with IQ scores of around 106, but the second group with IQs of 116 and over did no get better results when using Modalert.

Modalert Case Report

NY News and Politics interviewed a man who used Modafinil when performing a complicated qualitative analysis for a startup. He describes the effects of the drug and says it made his thinking remarkably clear. He was able to concentrate for hours without taking a break, and the complex task suddenly seemed incredibly easy.

When comparing it to Adderall, another drug often used to boost concentration, he explains that it does not give the “speeding” effect that most stimulants induce. He says that its use on Wall Street is incredibly common, but warns that he found it did not mix well with alcohol. He also notes that when you come off Modalert after a few weeks of using it, you really feel the difference.

Based on his personal experience, the subject of the report says that although Modalert is a “great hack”, he only used it for three weeks because he was afraid of becoming addicted to the feeling of absolutely clear, artificially enhanced thought.

Modalert Dosages

Although some people report that a 100mg dose is enough, the standard dosage is 200mg of Modafinil. Some Modalert users report using much higher doses, but this increases the risk of side effects and is not recommended. You genuinely can have too much of a good thing. That’s just how it works!

The medication is taken at the start of the day because it will interfere with sleep if taken too late. Since sleep is also important to clear cognitive function, using Modafinil to stay awake for extended periods could be counter-productive in the long run.

Warnings and Precautions

If you are considering using Modalert for its off-label, performance-enhancing effects, you need to consider the following warnings.

Modafinil is a prescription drug, so it is not legal to use it if you do not have a prescription. However, there appear to be no records of prosecutions. There are reports of Modalert being seized by customs, but authorities took no further action.

Like all pharmaceuticals, there are contraindications. In other words, certain people should not use it, or should only use it under medical supervision. Check with a doctor if you suffer from:

  • depression;
  • outbursts of aggression;
  • high blood pressure;
  • heart problems;
  • chest pain or angina attacks;
  • liver disease;
  • Kidney disease or kidney impairment;
  • hyperactivity;
  • mental health issues.

Be aware of side effects and discontinue use if you experience them.

Modalert Side Effects

How shows testimonials – Modalert side effects are extremely rare, but some people do experience them. Nine out of 24 studies reported side effects in test subjects. Some people experience weight loss because of a lack of appetite or gastrointestinal disturbance. The most common of these are headaches or nausea. Side effects and their frequency are listed in the table below:

System Affected Side Effect Frequency
Nervous system Headache 34%
Dizziness, tremor, abnormal movement 1 – 10%
Amnesia, poor coordination, impaired speech or movement 0.1 – 1%
Involuntary movements, convulsions Less than 0.1%
Gastrointestinal System Nausea 11%
Dry mouth, diarrhea, indigestion, constipation, gas, mouth sores, stomach pain 1 – 10%
Acid reflux, vomiting, inflamed tongue 0.1 – 1%
Cardiovascular system Raised blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, chest pain 1 – 10%
Irregular heartbeat, slow heartbeat, low blood pressure 0.1 – 1%
Chest pain from constricted coronary arteries 0.01%
Skin Sweating, fever blisters 1 – 10%
Rash, acne, itching 0.1 – 1%
Eczema Less than 0.1%
Urinary Abnormal urine, blood in urine 1 – 10%
Frequent urination 0.1 – 1%
Strong-smelling urine Less than 0.1%
Metabolism Anorexia, loss of appetite, increased feelings of thirst 1 – 10%
High cholesterol, high blood glucose, diabetes, weight gain 0.1 – 1%
Muscular Back and neck pain 1 – 10%
Leg cramps, other muscle pains, twitching. 0.1 – 1%
Muscle weakness Less than 0.1%
Eyesight Vision anomalies such as blurred vision, sore or red eyes. 1 – 10%
Psychiatric Inability to sleep, anxiety, depression, inclined to greater irritability 1 – 10%
Lower libido, anger, personality changes 0.1 – 1%
Psychosis, hallucinations Less than 0.1%
Other Flu-like systems, difficulty breathing 1 – 10%

Finally, allergic reactions, although a rare side effect, become more likely when high doses of Modalert are used. Since these allergic reactions can be dangerous, it is inadvisable to use more than 200mg of Modalert daily. If you experience side effects at regular doses, you should consult a doctor.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Although the above list of side effects may seem extensive, the percentage of people experiencing moderate to serious side effects is very low indeed. The FDA would never have approved Modalert if it was not considered to be safe and well-tolerated.

To minimize your chances of experiencing side effects, carefully follow the instructions indicating how to take Modalert. Do not take multiple doses daily.

Like a schedule for the drug, Modalert has a low potential for addiction. However, experts warn that some people may become psychologically addicted to Modalert if they use it every day. There is also a possibility of tolerance developing. In this case, Modalert will become less effective over time, and those who use it may feel the need to take higher, potentially unsafe doses.

The wisest way to use Modalert is to use it for its intended purpose. If you choose to use it for cognitive enhancement, use it occasionally at times when you need to outperform. So far, there have been no studies on the effects of prolonged use. Marathon spells without sleep can be dangerous and will be counterproductive, so do not take Modalert after your midday meal.

How to Get Modalert

Because Modalert is a scheduled drug and therefore a controlled substance, you will need a prescription to get it from a local pharmacy. As a result, and also because drugs are cheaper when bought from sources outside the US, many people prefer to purchase their Modalert at an online pharmacy.

People who choose this route should be cautious about receiving fake drugs. A reliable generic has all the ingredients found in US-manufactured Modalert and will have the same effects. When a pharmacy offers a free trial pack, you can be reasonably sure that they are selling the real thing. After all, if the Modalert has no effect, clients won’t be back for more!

How to Prevent Tolerance

The last thing you want is a situation in which you are placing yourself at risk of overdose or severe side effects by taking enormous doses of Modalert. Possible strategies for preventing tolerance from building up to include:

  1. Using Modalert only on three to four days of your working week.
  2. Don’t take it on two days that follow each other.
  3. Don’t use other stimulants (including coffee) when using Modalert.
  4. Take a week to a few months off every six to eight weeks.
  5. Monitor the effects of your Modalert. If your regular dose stops producing the desired effect, stop taking Modafinil for a month or two.

Only for the Well-Informed

If you are contemplating using Modalert to complete a challenging task or when studying, it is important to be well-informed. After reading this article, you are certainly better-informed than most people who choose to use it.

If you decide to go ahead and use Modalert for its off-label benefits, monitor yourself carefully for side effects, and plan ahead, specifying dates when you will take a break, and a date when you will stop using it altogether.

When you do stop using Modalert, it might be helpful to choose a time when adjusting back to the way you usually think will not be as much of a challenge. You will feel strange when you return to normality, so consider taking a couple of days off.

“Smart drugs” that cause you to cleverer aren’t any longer phantasy


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How To Make Your Penis Bigger

Big cars and trucks are favorite manly toys. Many men also look at women’s breasts and think the larger the better. And this size thing applies to their own bodies as well. Men go to great lengths of sweat and energy to appear fit. Think about the gyms opening up all over, and what a big business muscle-building supplements are.

As vessels carrying testosterone, men by nature tend to judge things by size.

Big cars and trucks are favorite manly toys. Many men also look at women’s breasts and think the larger the better.
And this size thing applies to their own bodies as well. Men go to great lengths of sweat and energy to appear fit. Think about the gyms opening up all over, and what a big business muscle-building supplements are.
Along with all those visible muscles being worked out, males fret about that other hidden muscle: their dick.
No aspect of male health will get more attention, even if secretly, than sex and their penis.
The thing most males worry about is being able to perform adequately and satisfy their partner, and this seems to include size.

What Do Men Think About Their Penis?

A good percentage of men feel that they are inadequate in the size department.
They have been conditioned to believe that women need more than they have to give. A man like this looks down at himself and because of a bad angle and the proportions of his body, his penis seems to him to be on the small side.

Despite there being relatively few cases where this is actually true, the myth has become ingrained in the minds of modern men, and it is why there are so many products on the market designed to deal with the problem.

How To Make Your Penis Bigger

Size – Is It The Main Thing?

It depends on who you ask. A man comfortable with himself, who has taken out a ruler and measured his penis and found it above average may be free to say that size is not the main thing. He will cite performance, stamina, and longevity among things that matter.

A woman might agree with those points wholeheartedly.

But a man who for one reason or another feels inferior in regards to size might view it as the most important aspect. This inferiority may spring from unreal demands placed upon him by the society in which he lives, or it may just be part of that innate competitiveness that comes with testosterone, that impression that bigger is better.

When someone falls short of that unreal image, it can set in motion a sense of failure that may creep into the other aspects of sexuality. Performance and stamina, which are so connected to an individual’s state of mind, can suffer.

In an effort to combat the imagined deficits, the man may turn to various products and procedures meant to enlarge his penis.

What Do Women Think About It?

Some women never achieve orgasm by penetration no matter how intense the sex. They prefer other sorts of stimulation like cunnilingus or friction against their clitoris. So to them, the size of the penis is practically irrelevant as long as it is not less than four or five inches, which is actually slightly less than average.

Other women find penetration and the sense of being filled to be what is among the better parts of the sexual experience. They want a penis that stays hard and can last.

Most women agree that size is not the most important factor providing the penis is of average length. One that is too long can be painful as it penetrates too deeply. Women do say that if they had to make a choice they much prefer a thicker penis to a longer one.

Ways For Penis Enhancement

There are quite a few ways to go about enlarging your penis. One of the safest ones is more a matter of perception than anything else. It involves dieting and won’t apply to people already fit:

  • if you aren’t in shape and maybe are a bit overweight, dieting and bodily exercise will do a few things. It will make you feel psychologically better since you are now being active. Activity releases endorphins which change your mood and outlook on life. When you feel better, things will seem less threatening. Your small penis problem may not appear as a problem anymore. Plus, losing weight will shrink your waist and your penis will seem larger by comparison;
  • there area unit exercises specifically for your erectile organ and designed to extend length and girth. They are regimens which must be adhered to just like any other exercise program, and results often take time and come in small increments;
  • there are some topical creams applied to the penis which purportedly increase size by altering hormone levels and increasing blood flow;
  • surgical procedures can be performed to increase length and girth. These include invasive procedures (entering and changing penile structural tissue) and non-invasive ones.

Natural Remedies


If that isn’t for you, there are herbal supplements which you can try. Many of these increase blood flow to the penis, swelling it to a greater circumference. These also often enhance performance and help to dispel feelings of inferiority.

Some natural herbal remedies one might consider using include:

  • ginseng – boosts nervous system function by means of ginsenosides. Is believed to help with sexual performance. Since it increases blood flow to the penis, it appears to have an effect on phallic size. 500 mg per day of Korean red ginseng root is considered an ideal dosage;
  • ginkgo biloba – primarily a nootropic (memory enhancer), it also increases vascular blood flow, including the spongy erectile tissue of the penis;
  • L-arginine – an amino acid which acts as a vasodilator to increase blood flow, making the penis larger during erection. Dosage is 1 gram three times per day;
  • maca powder – contains macamides and machines, energy boosters which help maintain erections and may possibly increase penis size.


Food items are helpful in making your dick bigger.

Helpful Ingredients Vitamin A Vitamin B5 Vitamin C L-arginine L-carnitine
Food Sweet, Potatoes, Carrots,  Butternut Squash Liver, Bran, Sunflower Seeds, Shiitake Mushrooms Guava, Yellow Bell Pepper, Broccoli Pine Nuts, Tuna, Beef Flank Steak Red Meat Acetyl

Some other helpful foods:

  • onions create healthy blood flow throughout the body;
  • salmon increases blood flow to extremities including the penis;
  • bananas are a heart-healthy food and good for the blood flow.



Some vitamins are believed to help increase penis size. Many of them do this by increasing blood flow:

  • vitamin A is an important anti-bacterial which keeps your penis healthy and infection-free during the regimen of enlargement exercises;
  • vitamin B3 (niacin) enhances circulation and blood flow;
  • vitamin B5 keeps the penis functioning at maximum efficiency. It regulates the metabolism, recovery, and rebuilding of body cells, including those of the penis;
  • vitamin C helps maintain normal sexual function. It aids in the growth and repair of body cells, processes necessary for penis enlargement;
  • vitamin D increases sexual performance and may lead to genital size increase;
  • vitamin E eases erectile dysfunction and ensures proper circulation;
  • L-arginine is a vasodilator promoting penile blood flow, tissue expansion, and engorgement;
  • acetyl L-carnitine is a neuroprotector promoting nerve regeneration and health.


An exercise recommended for penis enlargement is called the Jelq Method. Grasp the base of a semi-erect penis with thumb and forefinger. Form a tight O with these fingers to limit circulation, then move fingers forward. These forces collected blood into the penis shaft. When the tip of the penis is reached, repeat the motion with the opposite hand, bringing the first hand back to the base of the penis for another cycle.


Masturbation can double as a release and an enlarging exercise. The motion of it can be altered to mimic Jelq techniques, helping to increase blood flow into the shaft of the penis.

In addition, the core muscles can be trained to withhold premature ejaculation and increase staying power.

Enhancement of Drugs

One of the best male enhancement pills is Extenze. It is an all-natural supplement to increase penis size.

Among other drugs is Natural Gain Plus, a herbal supplement said to increase penis size and help delay premature ejaculation.

Other Medications


Dihydrotestosterone is a male sex hormone, known as an androgen, which affects how male characteristics are developed and maintained. This is one of those no-pills methods since it is a topical cream applied directly to the penis and used in conjunction with penile-specific exercises like Jelq. It is said to increase size and performance.


Penis pumps operate on the suction principle. The penis is inserted into a cylinder. A seal is formed at the point of insertion by a lubricated gasket and suction is created either manually or by means of an automated pump. This suction draws blood into the penis and causes it to swell in size, although the effects are not permanent.

Pumps seem to be most useful in helping those with erectile dysfunction achieve the hardness and consummate intercourse.



If surgery is chosen, there are two options. One is an invasive procedure called penile lengthening which involves cutting the suspensory ligaments in the penis, pulling them apart and then performing grafts to fill in the new length.

The problem with this is that sometimes the penis no longer stands straight but points downwards during erections due to the severed ligaments.

Girth-increasing procedures involve the injection of liposuctioned fat from other parts of the body into the penis.

What Is The Best Way To Make Penis Bigger?

Ultimately the choice of how to make your penis bigger lies with you. It is probably better to start simple and take natural steps and go from there.

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Male Enhancement Supplements with Viagra-Like Drugs

Bad news: the market of male enhancement supplements has been taken over by untested products which may be harmful to human health.

  • Super Panther 7X Supplement
  • Man of Steel Enhancement
  • Are There Safe Viagra Drugs?

The manufacturers of two sexual boosters called Super Panther 7X and Man of Steel was accused in an uncertified usage of prescription Viagra-like drugs or PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitors. The FDA (here and below – Food and Drug Administration) found Sildenafil (Viagra’s active ingredient) and Tadalafil (Cialis) in the supplements’ composition.

The danger lies in the well-known contraindication: the combined usage of PDE5 inhibitors and nitrates leads to a critical decrease in blood pressure, which could result in a heart attack or even sudden death. There are also other undesirable side effects which may be caused by numerous interactions of Viagra.

Super Panther 7X Supplement

Super Panther 7X is declared as the all-natural libido booster offered by Ultra Shop Supplement. The product is positioned as an efficient remedy for penis enlargement and stable erection maintenance. Why might it be better than Viagra? It doesn’t cause side effects such as a headache, dizziness, and so on, if we believe the company’s claims.

According to the manufacturer, 1000 mg pills contain arginine, vanadyl sulfate, L-Taurine, and some other harmless ingredients. Even though there were no ED drugs specified in the list of components, the FDA detected the presence of those substances in the supplement’s composition. As a result, the remedy has been recalled.

People who bought the product directly from Ultra Shop Supplement may claim a refund by calling 888-246-9664 during weekdays.

Man of Steel Enhancement

The situation related to this supplement is almost the same. The manufacturer of Man of Steel and Man of Steel 2 promoted the product as an affordable and natural way to maximize your sexual pleasure. After a while, it was recalled due to an FDA warning about sildenafil’s presence in its content.

Unfortunately, the products were distributed nationwide, so several people may have already bought the supplements. If you are one of them, stop taking this drug and contact your doctor in the case that side effects occur.

However, the company which created Man of Steel informs there were no incidents’ reports from the customers.

Are There Safe Viagra Drugs?

At least 6 drugs were also recalled due to similar accusations, so anybody may encounter a life-threatening incident after buying them. Instead of purchasing tainted drugs from little-known manufacturers, you can get brand erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation medications approved by FDA such as Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra, Priligy (Dapoxetine) and others in our online 1699landing pharmacy.

We offer 35% discount for bitcoin payments and fast delivery within 7-18 days after receiving your order. Buy safe drugs and stay healthy.

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Can Women Take Viagra?

It has been found that while women can take male Viagra with moderate results, it’s as of yet unknown all of the effects it can have on women. However, a new drug with just as positive results on libido is available, often called female Viagra. The new pink pill is
Viagra, or Sildenafil, has been on the market to treat erectile dysfunction in men for nearly 20 years, a powerhouse of a drug that’s helped millions. Many have puzzled, “What happens if a woman takes Viagra?” Only in the last few years has its effect on women been studied, with positive and negative results.

  • How Viagra Affects Women
  • What Happens If a Woman Takes Viagra?
  • How Female Viagra Works?
  • How Do You Know if You Need Female Viagra?
  • Is Female Viagra FDA Approved?
  • Where to Buy Female Viagra?

It has been found that while women can take male Viagra with moderate results, it’s as of yet unknown all of the effects it can have on women. However, a new drug with just as positive results on libido is available, often called female Viagra. The new pink pill is Flibanserin and it’s been proven to treat female sexual dysfunction with overwhelmingly positive results. The pink pill was a true salvation for ladies and their sexual lives. This is the first medication that was approved by the FDA for women’s health and sexuality. In October 2015, the medical drug came in the retail and implemented strictly on doctor’s orders. In shops, the medication appeared below the choice title version «Addyi». Continue reading for details about how it works, its benefits, and drug safety information.


How Viagra Affects Women


It’s perfectly natural for men and women to experience problems with sexual function as they age. For men, this presents itself as erectile dysfunction and for women, one of the issues can be sexual arousal disorder. There are many different causes and types of sexual arousal disorder but women who have this issue generally experience a lack of excitement, vaginal dryness, and loss of sensitivity and sensation.

Rather than just increasing blood flow like male Viagra, female Viagra also regulates neurotransmitters in the brain connected to sexual excitement. The drug has been proven to increase sexual satisfaction for women, including doubling how often they have satisfying sexual encounters for some. Testimonials and reviews have been mainly positive, with many women experiencing a high rate of satisfaction with their sexual encounters after beginning to take the drug.

What Happens If a Woman Takes Viagra?

Research has found that women experiencing sexual dysfunction can benefit from taking female Viagra. Anti-depressants are known for affecting sexual function in men and women and Viagra can help in that area. If a woman takes male Viagra, she may experience similar results as men, like increased blood flow to the genital area which stimulates arousal.

However, these results have had very little testing and don’t consistently produce positive results in women. In some trials, positive results in sexual function were reported for those taking Viagra and for those taking the placebo at the same rate. For this reason and others, a separate female Viagra has been developed. The drug was created specifically for women and can help with symptoms of female sexual arousal disorder.

Is It Safe?

Female Viagra, or Flibanserin, has been approved by the FDA and is safe for women to take. As with any drug, there is a possibility of side effects. The most common Viagra side effects are mild or moderate and include:

  • dizziness;
  • fatigue;
  • nausea;
  • difficulty falling or staying asleep.

Some side effects reported less frequently are:

  • dry mouth;
  • stomach pain;
  • vertigo;
  • skin problems;
  • digestion issues.

These side effects are rare and usually mild. If you experience severe bouts of any of these symptoms, you should talk to your doctor and discontinue taking the drug. Female Viagra is not safe for pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding, as it is unknown if the medication will hard a fetus or infant.

Flibanserin has some interactions to look out for when taking the drug. Mixing the drug with alcohol consumption, even in moderation, can lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. It’s recommended to not drink alcohol while on this medication. Flibanserin also interacts with some over the counter and prescription drugs, including:

  • central nervous system depressants;
  • birth control pills, antibiotics;
  • HIV/AIDS medication;
  • blood pressure medication.

Grapefruit juice also interacts with the medication. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking the drug to make sure it doesn’t interact with any medication you’re currently on.

How Female Viagra Works?

The drug is a new development and in some ways is similar to Viagra for men. Flibanserin is prescribed to women who experience sexual dysfunction, sometimes called hypoactive sexual desire disorder or female sexual arousal disorder. The pill works by stimulating sexual desire by increasing norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain and by balancing serotonin. These neurotransmitters are linked to sexual excitement and arousal and female Viagra helps to regulate the way neurotransmitters work. The drug also increases blood flow, which is similar to the way male Viagra works. Increased blood flow aids sexual arousal, stimulation, and sensation, and can increase lubrication.

The recommended Viagra dose is 100 mg, taken in tablet form daily, and recommended taking at night. This is different from male Viagra 25 mg, which is taken one to two hours before a sexual encounter. Female Viagra is a long-term medication that stays in the system, giving those who take it an overall boost in their sexual arousal. For the best results, flibanserin needs to be in the system of the person taking it over a period of time.

How Do You Know if You Need Female Viagra?

Flibanserin treats hypoactive sexual desire disorder. The disorder is caused by a number of issues, including lifestyle factors, psychological issues, medical illness, medication, menopause, and low testosterone levels. It’s a very common condition that many premenopausal women experiences. The disorder is characterized by the absence of, or a persistent lack of sexual desire, fantasies, or thoughts. It can be acquired or lifelong, affect sexual activity with only one partner or with any partner.

Because there are a number of causes for sexual dysfunction, including HSDD, another medical issue, or hormonal issues, it’s best to talk to your doctor before starting a new medication to treat it. If you feel that you’re suffering from HSDD, female Viagra may be able to significantly improve your sex life.

Does Female Viagra Treat Infertility?

Flibanserin does not affect hormones in any way and doesn’t appear to affect fertility. However, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, as well as female sexual dysfunction in general, has been known to cause infertility. In this way, female Viagra can treat one cause of infertility, but not other medical causes of infertility.

Might Viagra Help to Reduce Menstrual Pain?

Female Viagra is not prescribed for the treatment of menstrual pain. However, because flibanserin increases blood flow, some women who have taken it has experienced the alleviation of moderate to severe menstrual cramps, as the dilation of blood vessels near the uterus can ease menstrual pain. Preliminary research on male Viagra, which also increases blood flow to the genital area, has found that women who take sildenafil citrate (Viagra for men) experienced significant pain relief.

Further research is required on the effect of male Viagra on menstrual pain before the drug can be approved for women.

Is Female Viagra FDA Approved?

Female Viagra, or Flibanserin, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2015. The FDA approval specifies that the drug is only for certain types of sexual dysfunction, like sexual arousal disorder and hypoactive sexual desire disorder. The drug is not recommended for women experiencing low sexual desire due to interpersonal problems or other medical issues. The FDA approved the drug as prescription only and is a daily medication, as it boosts libido overall instead of on a case-by-case basis, as in Viagra for men.

Caution: before using consult a doctor. The doctor should choose the medication and the particular dosage for a specific person. Wrong therapeutic purpose can lead to irreversible consequences.

Where to Buy Female Viagra?


The brand name of Flibanserin in the United States is Addy, but the generic form of the drug is sold all over the world. Brand name female Viagra at a local pharmacy can cost up to $25 or more per pill and is not covered by insurance. The generic drug is available from online pharmacy in India, making it easier and more affordable, especially as it is prescribed as a daily medication. Female Viagra from 1699landing.org starts at $0.79 per pill and is the same formula as the brand name drug.
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